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Never Lose Your Maps Again

10th Jan 2024

Hey Cartographers,
Today we add a new feature to Dungeon Scrawl Pro. Cloud Storage allows you to automatically save your maps to your Map Library as you’re working on them. We’ll keep them safe in your library until you come back to work on them or to use them for your games.
Upgrade to Dungeon Scrawl Pro to take advantage of Autosave.

The Map Library

The new Map Library will greet you when you first start scrawling. It replaces the old welcome screen and shows you all of your maps before you get started. You can create a new map, open one from your current library (this will be empty at first), or upload any of your old maps.
notion image
In Dungeon Scrawl Pro, there are no limits to the number of maps you can have or the size the maps can be. We encourage you to upload all of your old maps to make sure they are in the system and available the next time you need them.

Saved by the Bell

If you’re nervous about if your map is saved, just look in the top right corner for the saved icon.
notion image
This indicator shows you that your map is saved in the cloud and you don’t need to worry about losing your updates. No need to do anything. Just keep working and we’ll keep saving in the background.

We Need Your Help

Your feedback is essential for us to continue to improve. Try out these new features in Dungeon Scrawl Pro and let us know what you think using the “Give Feedback” link in the app.