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Dungeon Scrawl

Pro features

Here’s an overview of the features that come with a Dungeon Scrawl Pro account, and how to get the most out of them.
Get in touch with me at any time if you have any issues, feedback, or ideas! You can use the chat box in Dungeon Scrawl, or email me at: keir@dungeonscrawl.com

Dark Mode 😎

Click the moon icon in the top right to switch to Dark Mode 😎. Put on your cartographing sunglasses and map away.
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PDF Export

Export a map across multiple PDF pages with real-world cell size and printer margins all taken care of.
  • Select a paper size
  • Set the margin - use the minimum margin that your printer supports
  • Set the printing resolution - this controls how many pixels are in one inch
  • Set the real-world cell size - printed cells will have this width
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High res export

Surpass browser image export resolution limits using Dungeon Scrawl servers (required an internet connection).
If you see a warning when exporting that the exported image might be too large for the browser to handle, click “High-res export → On”. This will send the export off to my servers to be processed and exported for you.
Currently, the output image may have some extra blank space to the right and bottom - this is being worked on.
With a pro account you can also export at greater than 100 px per cell, which is useful if you want to create high-quality prints of your maps.

Multiple maps per save file

Store multiple locations in one save file to avoid switching between tabs, or fiddling with keeping them apart in the same map.
  • Click “Add a map” in the top right
  • Double click on the map names to give them helpful names
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Import one save file into another

Do you have two savefiles you want to combine? Or perhaps there’s a dungeon you want to copy and paste into another savefile. Clicking the “Import from savefile” button allows you to do this.
It will add any maps from the imported savefile into the current one. They’ll be added as separate maps in the top right menu, so they won’t interfere with the existing dungeon.

Paper texture overlays

Click the crumpled paper icon in the left sidebar, then select one of the paper textures.
You have control over the texture scale and opacity:
  • Scale: controls the size of the texture. The smaller the scale, the smaller the texture details.
  • Opacity: controls the opacity of the paper texture. You can think of it as a ‘strength’ slider for the texture effect.
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This feature is still under development. Exports don’t work yet, and having many lights will slow down the tool quite a lot
Click the lightbulb button on the left to open the lighting tab. Here, you can turn on lighting for a map, add lights, and set the ambient background lighting color.
Lights can be moved around with the object tool just like any other image.
This is an early feature which doesn’t work very well yet, but it’s a lot of fun to play with!
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What’s next?

More is coming!
If there’s anything you’d like to see added to Dungeon Scrawl, let me know at keir@dungeonscrawl.com
Happy scrawling!